Best Travel Gadgets Under $10

July has already started and we’ll finally go to the summer trip that we planned during the cold rainy winter, that why we thought to put together some of the travel gadgets that will make your next trip a bit easier and smoother and all the gadgets are in the $10 range.

If you have other suggestions or favorite items that make your trip better and is under $10 share it with us and we’ll add it to the list.

Aibocn Portable Power Bank


Nowadays we rely a lot on our smartphones for booking, maps, booking confirmations, taking airport pictures or even just checking on friends and family during being away from home, our main pain point is the battery and that’s why you have to carry a power bank around, it can be a life saver one day.

You can get this one on Amazon for $10.45

Avantree Headphone Splitter

headphone split

Ever wanted to watch the same movie with your friend on the plane and had to start the movie at the same exact second, so why don’t just play it on one screen and split the sound to 2 headphones.

You can get this splitter on Amazon for $5.94

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

grid organizer

Make your life easier when trying to find your headphones or the charger USB cable and use a travel organizer bag to beautifully align your stuff.

You can get this organizer on Amazon for $7.99

LumiHQ Portable Travel Flashlight

led light

You can never tell where a walk in the forest of a hike on a mountain will take you, stay prepared in case it gets dark before returning back.

You can get a pack of 2 flashlights on Amazon for $12.99

ACTIVIVA Collapsible Water Bottle

water bottles

You can normally see the trash bin at the airport security check area full of half-drunk bottles of water, take these bottles with you and fill them after passing the security checks.

You can get a pack of 4 bottles on Amazon for $8.79

Sewing Gear Flight Sewing Kit

sewing kit

It’s always useful to make a quick fix for your shirt or trousers until you get home or get a new one, and that’s why a sewing kit is always useful, remember this can’t go into your cabin bag.

You can get this kit on Amazon for $9.16

Moleskine Classic Notebook


For the jet-setting note-jotters in your life, this classic ruled Moleskine will be their new favorite travel companion

You can get it on Amazon for $9.30

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

digital scale

Don’t get delayed again at the check-in desk when you are surprised by your bags being overweight, always have your scale with you and make a quick weight check before heading to the airport

You can get this digital scale on Amazon for $9.99

Rifle Paper Passport Pocket Notebooks

passport notebook

These Instagram-worthy travel journals are unlined, making them ideal for all types of doodles, sketches, and thoughts abroad.

You can get a pack 2 journals on Amazon for $13.99

Downy Wrinkle Release Spray

downy wrinkle relase

Never wear wrinkled clothes again! The Downy Wrinkle spray is formulated to eliminate wrinkles and odor from your clothes, without you needing to iron. This is extremely handy for travelers who’s clothes get wrinkled during transit, plus, it meets carry-on guidelines.

You can get a pack of 2 on Amazon for $7.80

Travel Inspira Universal Travel Outlet Adapter


Don’t think again about which power outlet your hotel room will have, just have this universal adapter and forget about outlets

You can get this adapter on Amazon for $10.99


sleep mask

The gift of easier shut-eye while in transit can be priceless, carry this around and use it on your flight or during transit in the airport, just don’t sleep deep and miss your flight.

You can get this mask on Amazon for $9.99

Reusable Shopping Canvas Bag

shopping bags

Use it at the beach or to buy groceries while traveling, by any means it’s useful to have spare reusable bags with you while moving around

You can get 2 of these bags on Amazon for $10.99


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Best Travel Gadgets Under $10
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Best Travel Gadgets Under $10
We thought to put together some of the travel gadgets that will make your next trip a bit easier and smoother and all the gadgets are in the $10 range.
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